About Johnnie Gachassin, LCSW

"I use family of origin as an approach to begin healing childhood wounds being replayed in your adult life."

Johnnie's diverse training and life experience culminate in her approach to therapy.  

Johnnie Gachassin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW. She received her Masters of Social Work degree from Tulane University’s School of Social Work. Practicing psychotherapy since 1998, her private practice includes treatment of individuals, couples, and groups.


Johnnie was trained Pia Mellody in (PIT) Post Induction Therapy in 2003, Pia’s Developmental Immaturity Model of recovery regarding family of origin issues. She is part of a small group of therapists around the country doing this work under Pia’s guidance. Additionally, her professional development includes training by Terry Real in (RLI) Relational Life Therapy for couples. She uses these approaches in working with couples, individuals, and groups.


Johnnie’s approach is shaped by both her studies and her own life experience. Clients can learn to identify unresolved childhood wounds creating adult dysfunction regarding depression, anxiety, addictions, codependence, eating disorders and painful relationships. Her approach includes outside reading, listening to recommended CDs, medical consultations, attending appropriate workshops, groups or related 12-Step meetings to help incorporate new functional behaviors. Private pay, insurance receipts provided for clients to file.


Beginning therapy can often times be a source of anxiety due to one’s uncertainty about what to expect. By working through this anxiety and persevering, the rewards of therapy can be to find a safe and nurturing environment while changing adult dysfunctional behaviors. Part of therapy is learning strong boundaries. Individuals, couples, or groups can then create functional and effective behaviors to deal with relationships at home, with friends, on the job, and most importantly, with oneself.



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